AMI International Montessori Teacher Training
3 – 6 Diploma Course
in Tanzania

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The Arthur Waser Foundation based in Switzerland is committed in supporting projects that focus on Early Childhood Education in Africa. It endeavours to support Montessori Education and provide opportunities to the youth of Africa.

Teachers who lack the necessary funds and are committed in pursuing a career in Montessori education in Africa are welcome to apply for a scholarship.

The Foundation will award scholarships only to students who are in genuine need of financial aid.  This will be in the form of a tuition reduction.

Who is eligible to apply for Scholarship?

  1. The student has been granted acceptance for the AMI 3-6 Diploma Course.  
  2. The student is a resident of an African country and holds an African Nationality. 
  3. The student can demonstrate a genuine need for financial aid.
  4. The student can provide evidence that he/she is able to pay himself/herself or has sufficient funds from another donor to cover all personal expenses during the course (transportation, accommodation, living costs, personal stationery).
  5. The student will pursue a career in Montessori Education in Africa. Priority consideration will be given to applicants who:
    a. Work as a national trainer, lecturer, or teacher at a Montessori Training Centre in Tanzania or Kenya
    b. Have worked in a Montessori school in Tanzania or Kenya
    c. Plan to teach in a Montessori school or Training centre in Tanzania or Kenya immediately following their training

How to start the application process for a Scholarship?

Download the Procedures and Scholarship application form from this website and send your complete application and all required documents via Email to

When is the deadline for applying for scholarship?

The deadline for the submission of a complete scholarship application is within 30 days of acceptance to the course.


Since the Foundation’s resources are limited and cannot meet the financial needs of all students, applicants are also encouraged to seek other sources of financial support.

Scholarship Application Form